Cristina Ivan launched a social project for the Buzău community in Romania

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Cristina Ivan is an entrepreneur, amateur photographer, animal and nature lover. Cristina is the founder of Experience Buzău, a social initiative that aims to develop through photography the rural community in Buzău.

Essentially, this project gives three participants the chance to learn photography techniques from a professional trainer. What’s more, they have all the necessary resources to do a career shift, after years of unskilled employment.

Cristina’s drive for this initiative ignited from two of her main hobbies: photography and hiking. She discovered Buzău county step by step, and every hike became a source of inspiration.

“What if I were more than a bystander in my community?”

Besides the inspiring places Cristina discovered, she also got emotionally attached with the local community, and she started to wonder if she could somehow empower them to dream bigger. This is how Experience Buzău came to light.

This special project helps people who have never had the chance or resources to explore their creativity, by offering them the right context, tools, and know-how. In addition, Experience Buzău is a real alternative for them to get side jobs, or even permanent ones. Matei Buța is a professional photographer that enables his trainees to take the first steps into becoming part-time or full-time photographers. Alina, Dana, and Cornelia use their photos to tell the story of a Romanian county ready to prosper. 

Cristina Ivan chooses to leave a mark in her community by building and growing this project. Of course, she is glad to receive any type of support that adds to her dream of helping Buzău grow.


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Sunt Cristina - antreprenor, fotograf amator, iubitoare de animale și de natură.

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